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Meet our Founding Partners

Kimberly Lain

CFO Partner & Advisor

Kimberly Lain has provided professional services in Silicon Valley for more than two decades as a Corporate Controller, VP of Finance & Accounting, and CFO in various industries, such as SaaS, fintech, e-commerce, life sciences, manufacturing, and construction. She has helped start-ups scale, optimize, and integrate their back-office systems, as well as prepare for fundraising and exit. She has also implemented and migrated various software systems, such as NetSuite, QuickBooks, Xero, and others. She has worked for companies such as AppDynamics, Bolt, Envoy, People.ai, Lime, Xpansiv, Square, Cisco, and others. She is also a speaker and a leader who has received positive feedback from her clients and colleagues.

Picture of Tamas Holczer

Tamas Holczer

HR Business Partner & Startup Mentor and Advisor

Tamas works as HR business partner and focuses on people’s work dynamics to build effective remote teams. He has 15+ years of recruitment experience and hands-on experience in software development and product management by taking napkin ideas to launch and beyond. Tamas is deeply passionate about helping founders surround themselves with the right team members that are going to push them to greatness.

Trevor Longino

Marketing Strategist & Thought Leader

Trevor Longino launched 15 startups from $0 to $3MM+ in ARR over the last decade, including Unito.io, Gog.com, Kontakt.io, and ThePrizeFactory.com. He has launched 50 startups, mentored about 200 more, taught thousands, and taught marketing, branding, growth, and revenue to more than 1,000 startups at accelerators all over Europe and North America.

With 20+ years of experience in marketing and leadership in startups, he brings a wealth of knowledge in marketing best practices, building and leading teams, and market positioning.  

Alberto Mujica. Esq.

Startup Legal Mentor and Advisor

Mr. Mujica is the Managing Partner at ScaleUp Legal PLLC where he helps startups navigate through all the legalities necessary to protect, capitalize, and grow into successful scaleups. Mr. Mujica specializes in international corporate, data privacy, and intellectual property law. Mr. Mujica has been working with tech startups for more than 20 years and holds five degrees that include a BS in computer information systems and business administration from Florida Tech, a juris doctor in international and civil law from NSU, a master’s in data science from NSU, an LLB from the University of Barcelona, and an LLM from UC Berkeley in intellectual property, technology (including Blockchain), and law. In addition to this, Mr. Mujica also studied international law in the Hague, Netherlands, and international copyright and tax law in the Georgetown, Cayman Islands.


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