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We help you model for a realistic exit to give investors what they need to know

Top 10 Items Founders Forget to Put in Their Financial Model

An extended financial team with knowledge to help you get you from start-up to exit

Your financial model may be in a simple spreadsheet format.

You may or may not have properly modeled your business with specific measurements for your acquisition channel - sales, with a lot of detail.

Your headcount may not be based on incremental changes to the business.


You may have modeled too much or too little cash upfront

Your pricing model may not support your business long term

Theseare some of the things we immediately look for in your financialmodel to ensure that you have the proper foundation to attractinvestors.
You may also be wondering:

Do I have the proper set-up for investment?


Which state should I form my business in?


What type of corporate entity should I set up?


What regulatory requirements must I meet?

Asa part of your extended team, we help you make decisions on all ofthese questions and more that will help you set up your business forsuccess.

We essentially operate as a fractional CFO on your behalf. Work with our financial team from the very beginning so you aren’t guessing when it comes to some of these critical set-up decisions.

Even if you have made decisions already that need to be changed, we can help you make those shifts with the understanding of the impact.

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